Wednesday, March 7, 2007

A recap of Yerba Mate effects on the mind and body

Yerba mate, when consumed in sufficient quantities (1-2 liters of tea made from 8 tablespoons for ex) will give you a modified state of consciousness that is:

- energizing
- dreamy
- fluid
- floating
- slight vibe
- relaxing
- enveloping
- consciousness is decidedly altered
- maintaining reasoning and stability
- ineffable tactile sensations
- tingling, ants on skin
- feel it rushing in my brain
- pleasant feeling of euphoria inside the body
- enhanced sensorials - touch, hearing, taste
- calming, centering, contemplative

Well I hope I got the gist of it. Try it and tell me your experiences.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Royal Combination

Today I'm enjoying my classic yerba mate + ginseng + cinnamon combi. 5-7 full table spoons of yerba, 2-4 teabags of ginseng with cinnamon, 1 liter of water, near-boiling, left to simmer for 30 minutes to extract the juices.

All this is combined with the ginkgo biloba large - 10 pills of ginkgo (normal treatment dosage is 2-3 pills a day, but ginkgo is totally safe as proved by an amazing number of studies).

So the ginkgo gives me an enhanced/refined tactile sense (all senses are refined and transfigured actually, but I am mainly tactile) and the mate pours in the raw energy. The combination ? a nice almost-cannabis stoning with 100% lucidity (no memory or movement impairment whatsoever). Its the next best thing after the real Mary treatment :-)

Have fun!

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Ginger Mate

Hello everyone.

In my daily mate experimentations I found out a great additive to the mate tea - ginger root powder. Ginger takes the bitter taste out of mate and adds a delightful slightly spicy flavor. Try it!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Today I am going to talk about mixing Yerba Mate with other teas. In South America it is customary to put into the gourd other medicinal plants on top of Yerba Mate. Yerba can amplify the effects of other plants. So, I was experimenting with different teas.

Ginkgo Biloba is the oldest known tree on earth and had surprising qualities on the mind. In small quantities it is considered to aid memory and fight the effects of old age but since I was interested in mental/spiritual effects I tried a larger dose. Beware before taking large doses of whatever plants - they can be toxic. I did my homework and it seems that Ginkgo is one of the most thoroughly studied medicinal plant (unlike Yerba Mate which enjoys a quasi anonymity outside South America :-P ). So, it says that Ginkgo is nontoxic in any quantity and very safe. I tried something like 4x the prescribed dosage (I swallowed about 10 ginkgo pills as I didn't have plain tea at the moment - it is difficult to find).

The Ginkgo effects differ from Mate - I get this peaceful state, an ineffable contemplative state where my senses became more and more refined up to the point of equaling the Cannabis enhanced taste while high. I can say that Ginkgo alone is not as effective as Ginkgo + Mate as Mate seems to provide the raw energy (vibration) that is pumped into Ginkgo's refined sensations and peacefulness. The result is a wonderful high (ALL LEGAL!). In order to get here I used 1L - 1.5L of Mate Tea made of about 8 full tablespoons of plant and 10 Ginkgo Biloba extract pills (a few times the recommended dosage - do it at your own risk!).

On a later occasion I tried the Mate + Ginkgo mix with real Ginkgo dried leaves and the effects were the same. I used about 1/2 volume Ginkgo leaves to the volume of Mate ground leaves.

Anyway, what is remarkable about Mate-Ginkgo is the synergy, the heights of high. It s a clean, pleasant, wonderful high, about as intense as a medium Cannabis high but maybe only 1/2 as powerful as the most intense high I've ever had. Yet, compared with cannabis there is absolutely no diminishing in hand or foot coordination - you don't feel even slightly impaired. You can go about doing your work or socializing with people. You don't become introverted. There is a respectable intense body buzz and a wonderful sensory enhancement (music, food, making love - they all become supercharged experiences).

That's it for now, next time I'm gonna write about mixing Mate with Ginseng and Cinnamon. Another excellent mix with specific effects.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Mate - a Legal Cannabis-type Experience?

Hi all, this is the first post. I'm starting this blog to share with other Yerba Mate fans everyone interested my yerba experimentations.

So, I started using Yerba Mate a month ago and since then I've been drinking the miraculous mate tea every day. Mate was to me a huge revelation. I didn't imagine that something so good can be legal - yet it is and it is also inexpensive.

To me mate is like a cannabis high - the body high part alone - leaving the mind completely grounded in the reality. There is no need to learn to function under mate-high - at most I get a slight dizziness. I know who I am and where I am, I can talk, write, work - anything. It's just that I feel super charged with an amazingly sweet body buzz.

Today I tested a mix of Yerba Mate and Ginseng+Cinamon tea. The ginseng part is just for experimentation. I have also tried Ginkgo Biloba with Yerba Mate. They both enhance the mate-high.

Ginseng is also an aphrodisiac, on top of Yerba Mate which is another powerful aphrodisiac so I feel super charged in more than one way.

Please tell me if you tried these combinations or if you can compare the effects of mate to cannabis. I tried to share my experience with a few of my friends and they claim they can't feel anything - except that they are all unable to appreciate the (slightly) bitter aroma of yerba mate and didn't take enough tea.

See you soon. Waiting for comments.