Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Royal Combination

Today I'm enjoying my classic yerba mate + ginseng + cinnamon combi. 5-7 full table spoons of yerba, 2-4 teabags of ginseng with cinnamon, 1 liter of water, near-boiling, left to simmer for 30 minutes to extract the juices.

All this is combined with the ginkgo biloba large - 10 pills of ginkgo (normal treatment dosage is 2-3 pills a day, but ginkgo is totally safe as proved by an amazing number of studies).

So the ginkgo gives me an enhanced/refined tactile sense (all senses are refined and transfigured actually, but I am mainly tactile) and the mate pours in the raw energy. The combination ? a nice almost-cannabis stoning with 100% lucidity (no memory or movement impairment whatsoever). Its the next best thing after the real Mary treatment :-)

Have fun!


wrl4 said...

If you like Cruz de Malta, you will love Aviva Yerba Mate. This is a new brand which is still grown in the wild, not on a plantation. It is hard to find except in coffeehouses and on line at It works well with MJ too. :)

marc said...

The other day I was drinking Guayaki's "Pure Mind" Yerba Mate drink when I realized that it has a positive effect on my inflammation-related health problems, if I drink only 1 bottle a day. Otherwise, it does the opposite. That's probably because it has Tulsi and Pomegranate in it, both of which induce inflammation in my case (I have no idea why but I can see the effects of what I eat)

Today, after reading your blog I went out and bought organic Yerba Mate tea and Gingko Biloba in liquid form (the Herb Pharm brand) and I drank 4 tea bags in a large cup twice (re-used the tea bags) with about 210 drops of Ginkgo Biloba.

I works great to reduce the symptoms of internal inflammation in my body but I think I should cut down to 140 drops of Ginkgo Biloba since too much of anything causes all sort of issues with my really sensitive body.

I know the experience of drinking (a lot of) yerba mate can be intense! :)

Keep on trying different mixes! and thanks for blogging about it!

Anthony's Sauce said...

Woah... yerba mate + ginseng + cinnamon combo! Man, that sounds good! I've been drinking mate for about 7 years now and I never tried that! Thanks for sharing your recipe :-) From a huge fan of Mate!

Anthony's Sauce said...

p.s. I'm going to add a link to your blog on my site. I'm just now discovering there are great blogs out there about Yerba Mate! I'm drinking Rosamonte Especial right now as I type this... Auuhhh.. sooo gooooood!

Alejandro said...

Love your blog about yerba mate. On your essential links I noticed the last one (mymateworld) has moved to this new one :


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